Anders Nils is an electronic musician and producer who primarily focuses on generative ambient music, sound design and instrumental soundtracks. He uses a modular synthesizer, software synths and guitars fed through a wash of delay and reverb effects.

Anders lives in Brooklyn, NY. He also organizes local shows and tape releases under the name East Branch Tapes.


Podcast collaboration with Errant Space

12.04.2020 | PLASTIC MIRACLES VOL. 2

New track on Plastic Miracles compilation tape

11.06.2020 | AU TU / SIGNAL

Split cassette with arid tear



03.26.2020 | BACKYARD STUD

Audio-video collaboration with Robert Hickerson

04.27.2019 | YEAR ONE

New track on East Branch Tapes compilation tape

past shows:

09.17.2019 | Synesthesia (BK) **


w/ Jon G

09.21.2019 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK) **


w/ Austin White, AJ Halbrook

09.19.2019 | Synesthesia (BK) **


w/ arid tear

06.22.2019 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK) **

Collaboration featuring video work by Robert Hickerson

w/ arid tear, Arielle

06.21.2019 | Synesthesia (BK)

w/ 7knives, The Unglued Radio Workshop, Lara Saget and Jerry J. Adams, David Shane Smith

05.24-31.2019 | Ann Liv Young's Apartment (BK) **

"ANTIGONE," soundtrack work for guest artist Robert Hickerson

03.20.2019 | Secret Project Robot (BK)

w/ Tendryl, DJ Xe, Dominique, arid tear

02.16.2019 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ Sec Cathedral, Mycelium, A Thousand Black Moons

02.08.2019 | Muchmore's (BK)

"Strange Stage"

w/ David Shane Smith, Invitational, Samuel M. Griffin-Ortiz, LaPreta


12.29.2018 | Secret Project Robot (BK)


w/ Beat Detectives, VX Bliss, Greyon Greene, arid tear, Invisible Circle, David Linton, Jimm the Eye Mann, macrodose

12.01.2018 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ arid tear, Abyss of Fathomless Light

09.14.2018 | Muchmore's (BK)

"Strange Stage"

w/ Distancing & Saint later, Sweeteeth, Cosmic Monster, Richard A.


08.25.2018 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ Mitchell Keaney, O P A Q U E S, Celular Feel

05.26.2018 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ Ubu Boi, 7038634357, Mathew Ryals, arid tear

02.25.2018 | Pianos (NY)

w/ Jon G, Tendryl, arid tear

01.20.2018 | Bushwick Public House (BK)

w/ Searmanas, Xcreenplay, arid tear, Mycelium

12.21.2017 | Legion Bar (BK)

w/ Rowan, half moon, Avishag, The Kingdøm øv GØD? (solo)

12.08.2017 | Bushwick Public House (BK)

w/ Hilsa, Jon G, arid tear

11.28.2017 | Starr Barr (BK)

w/ Oceanator, Clara Joy, Pando

11.19.2017 | Muchmore's (BK)

w/ Joe Biomassa, arid tear, Mycelium

05.09.2017 | Kettle & Thread (BK)


12.09.2016 | Video Revival (BK) **

Music for "The Stage" by Robert Hickerson, Kerry Lessard, Andrew Frye and Robin River

YouTube / Website

02.13.2016 | The Hollows (BK) **

Music for "The Resort" by Robert Hickerson and Kerry Lessard

YouTube / Website

** Collaborative