Anders Nils is an electronic musician and producer who primarily focuses on generative ambient music, sound design and instrumental soundtracks. He creates reverb-soaked music using a modular synthesizer and electric guitar fed through tons of hardware and software effects.

-- Listen --

Generative Loneliness (2020)

Backyard Stud (2020)

-- Selected Past Shows --

10.29.2021 | Ortega Y Gasset Projects (Brooklyn, NY)

"The Mother of Sighs: Scored Live" by Robert Hickerson

w/ arid tear

10.16.2021 | 3rd ETHOS Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

"A Beautiful and Dilapidated World" by Alexander Glueck


08.21.2021 | Polhill Park (Beacon, NY)

"Space Out Outside"

w/ David Mason, Tom Law


09.17.2019 | Synesthesia (Brooklyn, NY) **


w/ Jon G

12.29.2018 | Secret Project Robot (Brooklyn, NY)


w/ Beat Detectives, VX Bliss, Greyon Greene, arid tear, Invisible Circle, David Linton, Jimm the Eye Mann, macrodose