Anders Nils is an electronic musician and producer who primarily focuses on generative ambient music, sound design and instrumental soundtracks. He uses a modular synthesizer, software synths and guitars fed through a wash of delay and reverb effects.

Anders lives in Brooklyn, NY. He also organizes local shows and tape releases under the name East Branch Tapes.


11.06.2020 | AU TU / SIGNAL


03.26.2020 | BACKYARD STUD

appears on:

12.04.2020 | PLASTIC MIRACLES VOL. 2

04.27.2019 | YEAR ONE

past shows:

09.17.2019 | Synesthesia (BK) **


w/ Jon G

09.21.2019 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK) **


w/ Austin White, AJ Halbrook

09.19.2019 | Synesthesia (BK) **


w/ arid tear

06.22.2019 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK) **

Collaboration featuring video work by Robert Hickerson

w/ arid tear, Arielle

06.21.2019 | Synesthesia (BK)

w/ 7knives, The Unglued Radio Workshop, Lara Saget and Jerry J. Adams, David Shane Smith

05.24-31.2019 | Ann Liv Young's Apartment (BK) **

"ANTIGONE," soundtrack work for guest artist Robert Hickerson

03.20.2019 | Secret Project Robot (BK)

w/ Tendryl, DJ Xe, Dominique, arid tear

02.16.2019 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ Sec Cathedral, Mycelium, A Thousand Black Moons

02.08.2019 | Muchmore's (BK)

"Strange Stage"

w/ David Shane Smith, Invitational, Samuel M. Griffin-Ortiz, LaPreta


12.29.2018 | Secret Project Robot (BK)


w/ Beat Detectives, VX Bliss, Greyon Greene, arid tear, Invisible Circle, David Linton, Jimm the Eye Mann, macrodose

12.01.2018 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ arid tear, Abyss of Fathomless Light

09.14.2018 | Muchmore's (BK)

"Strange Stage"

w/ Distancing & Saint later, Sweeteeth, Cosmic Monster, Richard A.


08.25.2018 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ Mitchell Keaney, O P A Q U E S, Celular Feel

05.26.2018 | Flowers For All Occasions (BK)

w/ Ubu Boi, 7038634357, Mathew Ryals, arid tear

02.25.2018 | Pianos (NY)

w/ Jon G, Tendryl, arid tear

01.20.2018 | Bushwick Public House (BK)

w/ Searmanas, Xcreenplay, arid tear, Mycelium

12.21.2017 | Legion Bar (BK)

w/ Rowan, half moon, Avishag, The Kingdøm øv GØD? (solo)

12.08.2017 | Bushwick Public House (BK)

w/ Hilsa, Jon G, arid tear

11.28.2017 | Starr Barr (BK)

w/ Oceanator, Clara Joy, Pando

11.19.2017 | Muchmore's (BK)

w/ Joe Biomassa, arid tear, Mycelium

05.09.2017 | Kettle & Thread (BK)


12.09.2016 | Video Revival (BK) **

Music for "The Stage" by Robert Hickerson, Kerry Lessard, Andrew Frye and Robin River

YouTube / Website

02.13.2016 | The Hollows (BK) **

Music for "The Resort" by Robert Hickerson and Kerry Lessard

YouTube / Website

** Collaborative

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